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Building a better future for your organisation

Future Proof is a development programme designed and delivered by Richardsonhowarth. Future Proof has been developed to help Third Sector organisations become more entrepreneurial and business like with a view to supporting long term sustainability.

Richardsonhowarth have worked in the third sector for many years and from this experience we believe that: it is critical for the future survival and growth of third sector organisation for them to be more entrepreneurial and business like in everything they do.

We see being entrepreneurial as being about mind sets, abilities, attitudes and behaviours that appreciate and embrace continual change in the operating environment and are able to reflect and adapt – learning from past experience as well as  explore new opportunities.

Essentially it’s about being effective, leading from the front and staying ahead of the game. This is a tall order for any organisation and any team but we believe it is a challenge that organisations need to face and tackle if they are going to survive, remain healthy, grow and be there in the future to meet the needs of their clients.

The Future Proof programme takes participants through a practical process of exploration and planning for building an entrepreneurial organisation. It includes 6 key topic areas:

  • Understanding and managing change to build organisational vision, entrepreneurial mind sets and behavior
  • Understanding your ‘business’ – setting your organisation into the market context and benchmarking against others
  • Putting in place entrepreneurial leadership processes and practice in order to ensure strong strategic provide for entrepreneurial governance and management.
  • Using entrepreneurial planning approaches to set and achieve business goals as well as social/charitable goals.
  • Measure your performance and impact in an entrepreneurial way that includes both social and business objectives, provides useful information for you and your clients, as well as your sponsors, and helps shape new and better ways of doing things in the future.
  • Being more entrepreneurial in how you present your organisation, your successes and added value and how you communicate or ‘sell’ your achievements and promote your future plans to others

Overall during the programme we help you to put it all into Practice through supporting the participants and organisations to go through change and adopt more entrepreneurial practices and become more entrepreneurial.

To read more about each of these aspects of the programme and our approaches see our Blogs